2018 Ebyte’s “charity activity for poverty-ridden students”on Dragon Boat Festival

On June 15, 2018, onthe occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Ebyte traveled from Chengdu to townof Qiu Jima in Aba, which is 600 kilometers away, to start charity activity forpoverty-ridden students. Full of material, full of love!

AbaCounty is located in the northwestern part of the Aba Tibetan and QiangAutonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province and is located at the intersection ofSichuan, Gansu, and Qinghai Provinces. It is nearly 500 kilometers fromChengdu, and the town of Qiu Jima is 110 kilometers away from the county. Thevariety of flowers that can be seen everywhere along the way under blue sky andwhite clouds. There are cute marmots.


The township of Qiu Jimais a remote mountainous region with a relatively backward economy. The onlyschool is built on the support of the government and the continuous help of thesocially caring people. School infrastructure is relatively weak and students livingconditions are very difficult. After reaching the school, Ebytes team started a garden activity together with teachers andchildren.


There are various interesting activities in the garden party, such as Rubik’sCube games, fishing games, shooting arrows,picking marbles, and throwingsandbags. The children can play this game and other games. They can has oneopportunity to win a lottery ticket from each game, and then they can use alottery ticket to exchange different prizes. Everyone is enjoying themselves!


Ebyte will unwaveringly be the company that plays its social role taking socialresponsibility.